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Treeless Wood Products

At FORAY bioscience, we're crafting wood products without felling a single tree.

Why We Care

Pine Trees

Trees are assets.

They play an important role in stabilizing Earth’s climate, fueling global economies, and supporting our well-being – all reasons we’re keen to keep them around! Given the growing demand for wood products and shrinking forest reserves, it’s time we started thinking more strategically about how we use our trees in order to maximize their utility to the broader environment, our industries, and ourselves. 

Wood's versatility and value is undeniable. Did you know that wood finds its way into everything from construction materials and paper products to your clothing and cosmetics? And while trees are a reliable source of thousands of products, they still leave room for improvement. Many tree-sourced goods only occur in low quantities within the plant and require energy-intensive extraction and refining processes. Especially in these cases, we sacrifice the natural benefits that mature, growing trees provide for a small amount of hard-won product. Why? In most cases, a good alternative doesn’t exist.


But what if we didn’t have to make a trade-off? We could have our trees and our wood-products too. That is our mission at FORAY. 

Why We Care

We’re developing new biotechnologies to produce the wood products we love,

without cutting down a single tree.

A New Approach

Using concepts in plant cell culture, materials science, and tissue engineering, we're creating viable alternatives to tree-sourced goods.


To tree or not to tree? That is our question.


We're promoting and enabling strategic use of our resources to maximize benefits to our forests, the wider environment, and humankind.

Image by Juan Davila
New Approach

Our story is just beginning.

FORAY bioscience is a venture-backed company founded in 2022. 


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Our Story
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